The Green Committee: Sustainability at the Brown Palace

Each one of us produces approximately 4 ½ lbs. of trash per day, 90% of which can be recycled. To combat that shocking statistic, The Brown Palace has made a commitment to not only be the best hotel in Denver, but also be the best hotel for our Denver community. We’re raising awareness of sustainability in our guests and associates, reducing our consumption of water and energy, increasing our waste diversion rate through recycling and compost and creating a culture of sustainability in the way we live. The Brown Palace strives to go green by:

Go Green

  • Housing five bee colonies on the rooftop, which provide honey for spa products, local brews as well as substance for local plant life
  • Using our very own artesian well to provide water for the entire property
  • Utilizing natural day light to illuminate our lobby through the stained glass atrium
  • Recycling in guest rooms, donating excess amenities to charity, purchasing local and organic food and beverage items, installing low flow shower heads and toilets to reduce water waste and using biodegradable cleaners and products whenever possible

Humans are a wasteful species and it is solely our responsibility to take care of the environment and maintain our community for future generations. Even small contributions to sustainability can make a huge difference. Just by recycling one aluminum can, enough energy is saved to run a TV set for three hours! For a full list of our sustainability initiatives and ways to go green visit:


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