5 Beautiful Hikes in Colorado

5 Beautiful Hikes in ColoradoLooking for a daytrip, an easy hike, or an outdoors workout? Colorado has it all to offer, and some of the most beautiful views there are to experience can be found at the end of a great Colorado hike! Here are a few of the best hikes for Colorado visitors to try:

  1. Red Rocks– Just a 30 minute drive from downtown Denver, Red Rocks is a majestic amphitheater bordered by gigantic beautiful amber-colored rocks. Multiple trails (medium difficulty) surround the venue winding through a fortress of boulders that provide photo opportunities left and right. Pack a lunch and find a shady spot to enjoy an afternoon picnic between the rocks. Most loop trails take under an hour to complete.
  2. Boulder Falls– Visiting Colorado without a daytrip to Boulder would simply be ludicrous. The city sits below its’ notorious “flatirons” which are a sight to see themselves. The hike to Boulder Falls is short and sweet, in fact just 100 yards in length. The 70 foot waterfall found at the end of this trail is magnificent. While you’re in Boulder, try one of many medium difficulty hikes at Chitaqua National Park. The drive to Boulder is roughly 45 minutes, so visit Pearl Street for some afternoon shopping as well. Many street performers take stage on Pearl Street on the weekends.
  3. Lookout Mountain– If you’re looking for a simple hike to experience an array of Colorado wildlife, Lookout Mountain is your spot. Hikers often catch a glimpse of deer and other animals on the simple loop trails around Lookout Mountain. Take your kids to the Nature Center where they can learn about animal fur, tracks and tree bark. The drive to Lookout Mountain is roughly 30 minutes.
  4. Chicago Lakes Hike Near Mt. Evans– This trail is surely a day-long challenge to conquer. After a 6-mile hike, you will experience breathtaking views and you can stop at a few lakes along the way! We recommend rising early for this hike as it will take you 5-7 hours to complete!
  5. Manitou Incline– Fair warning, the “Incline” is a difficult workout, but a rewarding one! The hike gains over 2,000 feet in elevation over a span of about one mile. Remember to bring plenty of water! At the top, hikers can see over all of Colorado Springs- a deserved reward. This destination is just over an hour south of Denver so spending the day in the springs is a good idea!

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