Four Queen Bees Live On the Brown Palace Rooftop…

…And are given the royal treatment by dedicated beekeepers. With colony collapse disorder affecting the honey bee population, the Brown Palace decided to develop the Royal Bee Initiative in 2009 to do its part with helping in the preservation of the bee population and our beloved honey source.Rooftop Bees at the Brown Palace

With longer days and warmer temperatures, this is the time of year when the colony is growing rapidly. The queen will be reaching her greatest rate of egg laying, and the hive will be bursting with activity. In addition to caring for workers (female bees) and drones (male bees), the honeybees are also preparing to rear a new queen.

Each hive on the rooftop has a captivating name: V.I.Bee Sweet, Buzzingham Palace, The Buzzidential Sweet, and The Mile Hive City—chosen by a social media contest the Brown Palace hosted.  The surrounding nectar, pollen, linden trees and flora give the honey a discrete earthy, mint flavor, according to one beekeeper.  The estimated 400 pounds of honey to come from the royal bees will be collected for Brown Palace sweeteners and healing elixirs.

Here’s how you can enjoy the rooftop bees’ honey:

Afternoon Tea: Rooftop honey accompanies the Brown Palace’s daily tea.

Brown Palace Saison Rooftop Honey Beer: With another batch of a limited time only beer in the works, the Wynkoop Brewery will develop a rooftop beer sold exclusively at the Brown Palace and Wynkoop Brewery.

Brown Palace-Branded Lip Balm and Soap: The locally made, organic lip balm and soap are available at the hotel’s coffee shop and spa.

The Spa at The Brown Palace: Sweet nectar is used at the hotel’s spa.


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